New Site!

I recently decided to retire the site I'd setup during my Masters program ( and consolidate it with my personal site as they've increasingly begun to converge. When doing my Masters, I had a goal of pursuing mobile application development as a result of experimentation with binaural audio technology and production. 

For the past three years I've had the fortunate opportunity to build incredible web and mobile application products with The Working Group. We've designed and built beautifully functional business applications and mobile media experiences, so check out our hard work!

Looking forward - I'm excited to continue introducing product and content strategy, information architecture and project management services with TWG, and usher in the future of mobile and digital media experiences.

For more information about The Working Group, check out their site and stay tuned for a completely redesigned TWG web platform experience (just a little plug for one of the many projects I'm currently working on).


New Year, Same Agenda.

As another freshly minted year unwraps itself and marching into the sunlight, I've made a conscious decision to continue down the path I've carved, digging deeper into the ideas, approaches and technologies that I became enamoured with over the past year and a half.

The concept of space; expressions of dimensions and how we create means and methods of spatial representation, and the aesthetic qualities we attach to these.

Movement and progression through a spatial construct over time.

Ripples and reactions as a result of these movements. Feedback. Response.

The sleeves are rolled up. The brow is furrowed. The chase remains.

Current inspirations:


Can't stop listening to this track.

So I mashed a bunch of videos together.

Now it has a visual component.