Belkin TuneTalk At $146.85, I pretty much got my pants pulled down for this thing. The only one available in the great city of Toronto heralded a heavy price, but it was worth it to simply plug in-ear microphones and subtly record onto an iPod. All too convenient for me to pass up.

The Belkin TuneTalk puts out only 3V of "plug-in-power" for my SP-TFB-2 microphones, whereas the microphones themselves can support up to 10V in order to achieve the greatest dynamic range of response to sounds. In order to use my microphones in a variety of contexts, and to improve their dynamic response, I'm going to have to invest in or try to build a stronger power supply. A 9V battery module, or in-line auxiliary power supply, is recommended by Sound Professionals so that is where I will look to next