Leif Vollebekk

Last night I went to see Leif Vollebekk perform a solo set at the El Mocambo as part of Canadian Music Week. I talked to the promoter about possibly recording the set from my perspective in the audience for my research project. She was cool with it so my girlfriend and I headed down with my SP-TFB-2 mic's, 60GB iPod Classic and Belkin - (which power the stereo mics). It's funny that bouncers always check for booze but rarely audio recorders. Probably for the best.

My field recording set up records at:

I also recorded one track at a lower sample rate for comparison purposes not knowing that it would also affect the stereo recording, reducing it to mono. Apples and Oranges. Its a shame because the reduced bitrate actually improved the low end frequencies on the recording. The venue's natural frequency is really apparent in the higher sampled frequencies and it gives the recording a 'thumping' sound in some parts. I intend on EQ'ing the tracks but only slight to improve the clarity and quality. "The word 'equalization' reflects its historical origin, from when its main function was to restore inadvertent changes to frequency response...Microphones still often introduce marked changes, differentially responding to the frequencies present (Nisbett, 2007)." My intention is to compensate for the microphones distortions to improve the quality of the field recording.

Here an EQ graph of the SP-TFB-2 mic's properties:

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