Binaural: Glebe Presbyterian Church

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="" url=""] Binaural Triangle by airick On Friday, April 23 I was allowed to record in the Glebe Presbyterian Church right across the street from my house. Bill Elliot, of the Church, was kind enough to let me into the space early in the morning to record using a fairly mobile rig of computer, soundcard, binaural dummyhead, cables and percussion instruments.


The space inside the building is quite impression, and the reflections of sound from talking, clapping, playing drums really presented some interesting recording concerns. The process of getting set up and functional, especially on the software settings side, took slightly longer than expected but in the end everything was a success.

The microphones within the dummyhead had to be calibrated in order to properly function, based on their placement at the end of tubing "ear canals." Using a single monitor, placed 6' away parallel to the dummyhead ears, white noise was played and recorded through the left & right inputs in Logic. Using the "Match EQ" function in Logic, its possible to compensate for the distortions to frequency by the microphone placement. For example, there were noticeable distortions caused by the Church hall's large area starting at 600Hz, then spiking from 2.5kHz - 7kHz.