Back In Twenty

'Back in Twenty' is a short film by Rebel's Own Productions, which was shot on location in and around the Collingwood, Thornbury and Ravenna area of the Niagara Escarpment. The plot centers on two students coming up from the US for Canadian Thanksgiving who find themselves in a tense but comedic robbery close to their final destination. The production involved some great talent from Toronto, Montreal and the Collingwood area. Film production was championed by former Concordia film student graduates, who have gone on to form their own companies; BIS films, specializing in promotional video productions, and Bideshi Films, who focus on documentary pieces.

Head Space Audio was brought in to handle sound and I spent 5 long days booming and recording dialog, ADR, foley and SFX for the production. Here's a shot from the set, which was largely filmed in a rustic convenience store in the hamlet of Ravenna, close to Blue Mountain and Collingwood.