Eden Mills

Incredibly relaxing music making in Eden Mills with Peirson Ross last night.Began the evening with a beer around the fire pit under an overcast sky and light snow, followed by hearty chili and corn bread before setting up instruments in a rustic stone brick house belonging to Peirson's keyboardist, Mr. Williams.
We jammed over a new track Peirson's working on, Birds and Bees, whose melody has been absorbed somewhat into my blood stream - it pops up in my head every time I think back on the session. Megan sang some beautiful vocal harmonies and I provided some rhythmic elements courtesy of a floor tom, snare & high-hat and sizzling crash-ride combo. Time quickly evaporated as we explored different compositional structures and arrangements, and I dabbled in a new guitar tuning I'm sure I'll revisit (Ab major). On nylon strings, this tuning really meanders and I discovered a slightly slower, somber waltzing melody. I'll be sure to record it and share in the immediate future.
The night turned into early morning and I had to work early this morning so we ended with a few runs through Megan's driving 'Lake Superior' song, with Pierson delaying and 'verbing out some dreamy vocal lines and playing with layered textures. Overall it was a beautiful evening that's always difficult to transition from, back into temporal reality. The drive home at 3:30am also made it a little tougher.