Nixon in China

For my first ever opera experience, I was kindly invited by a good friend to a pre-showing of John Adams' contemporary opera, Nixon in China. I donned my black tie and cardigan, dress shoes and pea coat and arrived just in time to be ushered into an elevator and into a box seat overlooking the pit orchestra and situated on the left side of the theatre.

While I know practically nothing about opera, I do know a thing or two about great sound and stunning acoustics - both of which the Four Seasons and Adams' opera have in spades. The acoustics both in the atrium, presidential club and main theatre can be almost overwhelming in their rich spaciousness. I'm a sucker for clear, natural reverberation and I was very much impressed with the intermingling of operatic vocals and dynamic orchestral lines from the pit below me. I wasn't exactly a fan of the opera's narrative; the use of repetition and heavy analogies of mundane interactions was both easily understood and somewhat lost at times. That said, I truly enjoyed the experience and sensations of the theatre's warm acoustics and I'm looking forward to future encounters with more classically oriented opera in the future.

The whole experience of refinement, from self-presentation to the timelessness of opera to the expensive cocktails and mingling during intermission lends itself, at least from my perspective, to a sense of drive and determination to improve and grow artistically and expressively. These buildings provide a place and purpose by which we are able to reach and captivate; sometimes emotionally, sometimes sonically and other times not at all. Regardless the experience was inspiring and full.

Lastly, the highlight of the night was really the Hendrick's gin & tonic I had during intermission. I've begun a campaign to launch an exclusive event involving my current passions; music, entertainment, spirits and socialites.


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